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Hoji Tsuchiya


2007 “Couples in Distress"won the Animation Division Grand Prize,

Cineastes Organization Osaka.

2011 “Black long skirt"nominated at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
“Elementary school Situation” won outstanding performance award from TBS Digicon6 Awards.


2014 “Black long skirt"and “The Singing Line"nominated at the Berlin art prize.

2017 “Spring time-old man” won the award for the best animated music video of Anifilm.

Living and working in Japan.

Currently, I am working on an animated work "Hoichi".

2019~2020 "Planet Brothers""Planet family" animation series for NHK Educational "Shakiin!".

2020 "Planet family theme" MV for NHK Educational "Shakiin!".

2021 "Hattake-san" animation series for NHK Educational "Shakiin!".

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